Warwick Fetish Society


All exec members of the society promise to share equal responsibilty for maintaining the society.


president icon

The figurehead of the society. The president represents the public face of the society and leads the rest of the exec. They are the point of contact for all external parties interested in getting in contact with the society.

Contact: mail+president@warwickfetsoc.com


secretary icon

The secretary is responsible for maintaining social media and reducing the overall workload of the president.

Contact: mail+secretary@warwickfetsoc.com


treasurer icon

The treasurer is responsible for organising the budget of the society and interfacing with the SU on monetary matters.

Contact: mail+treasurer@warwickfetsoc.com

Social Media Officer

treasurer icon

The social media officer is responsible for organising the online precense of the society on social media platforms.

Contact: mail+socialmedia@warwickfetsoc.com


welfare icon

The welfare officer is responsible for the welfare of members of the society during any official events, and on our online platforms. Any complaints about the behaviour of members or the society should be reported to either the president or the welfare officer.

Contact: mail+welfare@warwickfetsoc.com