Warwick Fetish Society

Warwick Fetish Society

Who we are

We are the Warwick Fetish Society. We represent the fetish and kink community at the University of Warwick.

What we do

We provide a number of resources surrounding fetishes, kink, and BDSM, including an online community of likeminded people. We also run workshops and socials on campus for current students.

Our aim as a society is to be a point of contact for relevant resources and education in kink and the kink community.

How to get involved

We have a Facebook page and a private Facebook group, as well as a Discord server. If you want to join either the group or the Discord you can message the Facebook page or email us at mail+curious@warwickfetsoc.com


The information on this website is only advisory. It, and the University of Warwick Fetish Society, are not responsible for the results of any activities related to those described on this website.